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business solutions
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Business Solutions

Forming a new business? Growing an existing business? Facing a lawsuit?

The Law Office of Phillip Ghaderi has the experience, knowledge, and resources necessary to help your business.

Our firm’s primary goal is to prevent problems before they occur, so you can spend more time building your business instead of dealing with issues. We can help you address future problems before they arise and ensure smooth business operations and dealings with others. We look for opportunities to minimize liability to your business and the expense of litigation and maximize your chances of recovery should you need to take legal action. And if a problem cannot be avoided and litigation becomes necessary, we can help you determine the best course of action.

Forming a New Business

The type of business entity you decide to form can have a huge impact on your personal liability, tax implications, and the default rules that a court will apply in the absence of clear legal agreements between the owners. There are countless steps that need to be taken when forming a new business, whether it’s a sole proprietorship, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, or corporation.

Why navigate the confusing legal requirements of business formation by yourself? Let The Law Office of Phillip Ghaderi assist you in all aspects of business formation. Whether it’s simply correctly filing the necessary paperwork with the various federal, state, and local government agencies or drafting complex agreements among the owners, the proper legal guidance that we can provide will help you start your business off on strong footing and reduce the chances of delays and unforeseen problems.

Growing Your Existing Business

In business, there are innumerable routine transactions that have the potential to cause enormous problems in the future. Having a business law attorney at The Law Office of Phillip Ghaderi on your side can help you ensure that you and your business’s interests are protected. We can review standard documents and implement simple procedures to minimize or avoid liability for your business. In addition, we can use our extensive experience and insight to represent your interests during negotiations. Entering into negotiations with an attorney in your corner can be a tremendous advantage and asset. With The Law Office of Phillip Ghaderi on your side, you can devote more resources to growing your business–not handling problems that could have been prevented.


While our goal is to help you and your business avoid litigation, the reality is that, on occasion, a lawsuit cannot be averted. While our firm generally focuses more on transactional work, we do not shy away from litigation. If you are facing a lawsuit or believe that litigation may be necessary to resolve a problem, The Law Office of Phillip Ghaderi can give you the knowledge and advice needed to help you decide on an appropriate course of action that benefits your business.