Decedent’s Estates

There are a variety of ways to gather or collect someone’s property after they have died. The most efficient method will depend greatly on how their property was owned and managed before they died. Usually it will involve dealing with financial institutions (banks & investment firms) and/or government agencies (like the county recorders office or the court). This process can be very time consuming, slow, and possibly expensive.

If there is a trust involved, there are certain required notices to beneficiaries that must be sent out as well as requirements for the trustee to report and account to the beneficiaries. Similarly, if the estate must go through the probate process with the courts, that will require certain notices be sent out as well as court approval of the required reports and accounting prior to distribution of the estate.

My general advice is “When in doubt, call an expert!” since it can easily cost more to undo something instead of getting it done correctly the first time.